Friday, July 30, 2010

Why do I always have to be a good person?

I have trouble saying no. I hardly ever say no to anyone. This makes my already hectic life that much more stressful & hectic. I had my daughters friend overnight for 2 nights because her mom was going away & the girl didn't want to go to daycare all day while her dad was at work. Then the parents don't even call & let me know what is going on, I have to call them. I was told by the dad, he sounded half sloshed, that he would pick his kid up around 1pm where we would be today. I thought it would be nice for my kids to spend time with their grandparents so we went there fully expecting to be rid of the extra kid by around 1pm. 1pm came & went & no phone call. I had to let this kid play the games we were playing which greatly interfered with what little time my kids got to see their grandparents. Come 3pm we left & still no phone call so I called him, no answer. I called the wife, she was almost home so I said I'd meet her. She showed up 10 minutes late, asked if her husband was home which I didn't know, I was sitting in the driveway. She just walks away, no "thanks for keeping my daughter", no "sorry my husband never even called", nothing!!! I at the very least thought I'd get a phone call later, but nope. They are decent people & they take my daughter a lot of fun places & spend a lot of money on her but still, was a thank you or sorry too much for me to expect? That is all I ever really want out of people for anything, just a few kind words!