Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am SO proud of my 6yr old son Cayden!! I just found out that out of close to 100 kids they have 4 teams & Cayden was picked in the 3rd round. To some that may not sound great BUT when these coaches pick the #1 pick is their own kid, sometimes they even have more than 1 kid or a niece/nephew. Nobody knows Cayden so he was picked over many, many 7yr olds for his speed & skill alone! The funny thing is, I could tell he wasn't giving it his all as he is a bit shy. He would run just fast enough to outrun everyone else, nowhere near as fast as he can really be. I hope he gets comfortable with his team quick & really shows them how good he can be. He is such a smart, adorable & talented kid.....if only he could behave! felt good to write something positive,lol. Maybe I should start focusing on positive things to write about & do less venting & ranting,lol.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Why is it that the house could fall in around my 4 kids & husband & they would not notice or even care? It is not even so much that they do nothing without me asking, begging or yelling so much as they make more messes! If they open something, they let pieces of paper or plastic lay on the counter, they eat something & let pieces of food in their bowl on the counter. I mean things like this just make me extra work & yet nobody sees this? I don't ask a lot but if you get something out, put it away. How difficult is that? If you play the Wii, turn it off & put the controllers up. Little things like this would save me a lot of time & stress. Just looking around this house stresses me out. And even trying to clean while everyone is home is a never ending battle. On top of all of that I am trying to enjoy summer with the kids so almost every day away from home is not helping matters. I guess for now I will just suck it up & keep on cleaning.