Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am SO proud of my 6yr old son Cayden!! I just found out that out of close to 100 kids they have 4 teams & Cayden was picked in the 3rd round. To some that may not sound great BUT when these coaches pick the #1 pick is their own kid, sometimes they even have more than 1 kid or a niece/nephew. Nobody knows Cayden so he was picked over many, many 7yr olds for his speed & skill alone! The funny thing is, I could tell he wasn't giving it his all as he is a bit shy. He would run just fast enough to outrun everyone else, nowhere near as fast as he can really be. I hope he gets comfortable with his team quick & really shows them how good he can be. He is such a smart, adorable & talented kid.....if only he could behave! felt good to write something positive,lol. Maybe I should start focusing on positive things to write about & do less venting & ranting,lol.

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